Ceil Erickson | Director, Nonprofit Relations

Ceil Erickson
Director, Nonprofit Relations

With a broad and deep network of nonprofit partners, Ceil manages SeaFdn’s grantmaking in targeted areas and drives investment in nonprofit sector capacity building. Her extensive sector knowledge makes Ceil a highly effective connector between philanthropists and community needs.

Ceil Erickson | Director, Nonprofit Relations

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

  • Education
  • Women and girls empowerment
  • Nonprofit capacity building

Ceil has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, where she has worked with a broad range of organizations and community initiatives and developed a wealth of community knowledge. Prior to joining SeaFdn, Ceil worked in fundraising and marketing for Planned Parenthood and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Ceil has been active in philanthropy at the national level, serving on a number of committees for the Council on Foundations and ProNet (an affinity group of the Council of Foundations). She has dedicated her professional life to identifying and responding to the most challenging issues facing the Greater Seattle region. Ceil is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow. She earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Mary Washington College.

Ceil has been working at Seattle Foundation since 1996.