Legacy Philanthropy

Join the next way of giving: Seattle Foundation’s Changemakers Circle.

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Every donor can make a difference. But every generation needs a group of people willing to envision a sea change. And when they step up with the courage to see into the future and picture something better for their children and neighbors—their impact touches everyone.

For 75 years, Seattle Foundation has been here for these changemakers. We know what it takes to bring a shared vision for a better community to life: expert knowledge, deep partnerships, and the tools that every smart philanthropist needs to make their most meaningful decisions and deliver the greatest impact.

changemakers circle

Three Ways to Join the Changemakers Circle

I. Bequests

Bequests are the simplest and most common form of legacy giving. There are several ways to make a gift of money or assets through your will or trust to advance causes that have been important in your life. If you wish, you can make the bequest contingent on the condition that your primary beneficiaries do not survive you.

II. Beneficiary Designations

Some assets do not pass according to your will or trust, but instead pass to the person or organization you name in a beneficiary designation. Two of the most common types are life insurance and retirement assets.

III. Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts are highly tailored irrevocable planned giving arrangements that allow you to realize a number of benefits while also supporting causes you care about. For instance, you can establish a trust that supports you or your beneficiaries while you are alive and then gifts the balance to charities—or that supports charitable causes for a specified term and then returns the underlying assets to your primary beneficiaries.

Benefits of Joining Changemakers Circle

When you join the next wave of giving, you benefit from valuable support and services to ensure your planned gift is thoughtfully made and managed, creating the community impact you intend. Your benefits include:

  1. Effective Philanthropic Advising: Expert advice and counsel to support customized gift planning and estate planning options; anonymity in distribution of gifts, if desired; and optional ongoing family involvement through a Community Philanthropy Fund or Family Foundation.
  2. Judicious Stewardship of Assets: Gift acceptance of various asset types, including real estate, business interests, insurance and retirement plans; investments of designated timeframe or in perpetuity, potential growth in philanthropic assets; no setup costs; and no fees for changes to your plans.
  3. A Community of Giving Back: Recognition of bequest (if desired), membership in Changemakers Circle and invitations to special events; and opportunities to connect with like-minded philanthropists committed to community change in Greater Seattle.