Sally Gillis | Managing Director, Strategy and Partnerships

Sally Gillis
Managing Director, Operations & Impact Partnerships

As a leader in Community Programs, Rebecca pursues greater racial equity and economic opportunity through her oversight of operational effectiveness and impact that advance our theory of change.

Sally Gillis | Managing Director, Strategy and Partnerships

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

  • Women and girls empowerment
  • Climate justice
  • Cradle to career education

With over ten years in the social sector, Sally brings a strong commitment to partnerships and social justice to the work of SeaFdn. Previously, Sally served as the Director of Collective Action at Social Venture Partners Seattle (SVP), where she guided the organization’s collective impact and funder collaborative work. Her background includes working in the government, nonprofit and foundation sectors in the fields of homelessness and youth development. Sally has a master’s in macro-level social work from Boston University and graduated from Lafayette College.

Sally joined the Foundation in 2016.